Children of the Mist - book launch news

August 2010 Griqua National Council uses "Children of the Mist" as its authoratitive history on its website
October 2008 Unique photographic pictorial of the Griqua heartland of yesteryear
September 2008 South African Library for the Blind request permission to produce "Children of the Mist" in braille and audio CD. Letter at these links: Page One. Page Two. Copyright approval given by Scott Balson to produce copies for the blind.
4th December 2007 Online bookseller list "Children of the Mist" as number FOUR on their best seller list for November (see bottom of page).
10th November 2007 SAfrican Television 50/50's video clip now online (8.5mByte)
4th  November 2007 The Griqua National Anthem (Volksleid) - the words and see a video of the anthem sung during Scott's visit to Kranshoek last month.
29th October 2007 South African Broacasting television service broadcast launch of "Children of the Mist" through their 50/50 programme - see this link. They confirm the book has been adopted by the Griqua as their own.
29th October 2007 "Children of the Mist" causes controversy in Kokstad with one Griqua faction supporting the book in the local newspaper while another criticises it. Article at this link.
28th October 2007 Scott Balson returns to Australia from his successful book tour.
27th October 2007 The images and story of the book launches and tour around South Africa are now online.
25th September Main delivery depots in Estcourt, Johannesburg, Durban, Kokstad, Grahamstown, Cape Town and Bloemfontein confirm receiving bulk supplies of the book.
18th September SABC 50/50 television programme to cover Cape Town launch at the Spier Hotel on 19th October. 
13th September Bloemfontein and (Origins Centre) University of Witwatersrand , Johannesburg, launches now finalised.
(Launch schedule across S Africa now completed)
10th September Initial orders from CNA and Exclusive Books stores to be shipped on 17th September for October release..
6th September Printing of first edition run of 5,106 books by Interpak Books in Pietermaritzburg now completed.
29th August 2007 Mandela Foundation thank you for copy of "Children of the Mist" presented to Mr Mandela.
24th August 2007 Griqua "Roepers" inspired by the late Griqua leader AAS le Fleur in the early 1900s when "gathering up the bones of his people" to perform at Cape Town launch of "Children of the Mist". Media have already confirmed they will be attending this event. 
23rd August 2007 Details for Kokstad launches at Kokstad Museum and Willowdale finalised. Kokstad Advertiser to run first of two articles about "Children of the Mist" next week.
21st August 2007 CNA orders substantial volume of books in preparation of October launch.
14th August 2007 Media kit with large quality images and extracts from the book now available for download and use by the media.
8th August 2007 Members of the Griqua National Council to attend book launch in Cape Town
6th August 2007 Proofs approved - Interpak Books in Pietermaritzburg given greenlight to print first edition 5,000 copies. 
31st July 2007 Nelson Mandela Foundation request a copy of "Children of the Mist" for Mr Mandela.
21st July 2007 Book launch information confirmed to date now linked to 2007 launch schedule. Watch this page for ongoing updates on launches and book signings. (Take links in text in the border to the left of the map).
20th July 2007 Griqua National Council elders to attend the Cape Town launch of Children of the Mist at the Spier Hotel
15th July 2007 Griqua community in Kokstad in dire straits - affirmative action has impoverished the people - report at this link.
10th July 2007 The Centre for the Book (Cape Town) and National Library of South Africa (Cape Town and Pretoria) offer to help promote launches around South Africa
9th July 2007 Major launches now finalised at key destinations including Kokstad, Kranshoek and Griquatown - thanks to the support of the Cory Library (Rhodes University), Kokstad Museum, Mary Moffat Museum, Killie Campbell Library (University of Natal) and the Griqua National Council at Kranshoek (Plettenburg Bay).
9th July 2007 Digital covers and hardcopy media book dispatched to printers - Interpak Books, Pietermaritzburg.
2nd July 2007 Limited edition digital run of 50 books posted to book reviewers in South Africa -

Special run of just 50 copies

Inscription marking this run

2nd July 2007 Internet edition of "Children of the Mist" now available for purchase by credit card or Paypal from link on left.
1st July 2007 Author to sell one complete set of Strachan and Co trade tokens - first set offered for sale in over two years.
June 2007 Media contacted - list of bona-fide newspaper book reviewers established
May 2007 Schedule established, airline tickets booked and process of establishing book launches and signings started.
NB: This page continuously updated with book launch and signing information - view link left for details!
March 2007 Decision to self-publish after author is unable to get major S African book publishers to even read the book!
September 2006 Scott Balson travels to S Africa to personally deliver limited edition hardcopy presentation copies of the book with 2/- S&Co coin bookmark to key institutions and the Griqua National Council for feedback. (This feedback is now displayed on the back of the book to be sold to the public).

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