Dear Mr. Balson

My name is Aubrey Franks. I've been working in Taiwan since 2002. I was born in Maclear and grew up in Ugie where my father, Ian Franks, was a tailor and shopkeeper. I would like to express my gratitude to you for the work you've been doing on the history of the Griqua people. Without people like yourself and Frans Nel, I would have known very little on the history of our Griqua ancestors. I hope you'll be able to give me more insight on a certain aspect of the Griqua Trek.

I'm particularly interested in the details of the break-away that occured on the Trek. Where, when and why did it happen? What route did the Griquas take to get to Ugie from the break-away point?

Thanking you

PS: I have an aunt in Sydney

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