Global Distributors of
"Children of the Mist"

As per current arrangements with book stores.
Interactive Presentations Pty Ltd, P.O. Box 91, Wellers Hill, QLD 4121 Australia
Phone 07 38927333 Fax 07 38925333

South Africa:
All South African order to be placed with the Australian publishers Interactive Presentations Pty Ltd through:
Email: International Phone 0011617 38927333 Fax 0011617 38925333
On receipt of verified order the books will be shipped overnight through our S African distributor Interpak Book in Pietermartitzburg.
South African book stores selling "Children of the Mist" can be seen at this link.

Direct sales only (not bookstores): Warren Biller (based in Michigan), Email here.


Terms of trade:
Where no prior arrangements have been entered into by book stores 60% of the retail value (VAT inc) is payable in ZAR to our account in S Africa within seven days of delivery, and only a minimum order of five books will be accepted.
We encourage book stores to establish prior arrangement on pricing, consignment orders etc - please email us at the link above

Please note despite being based offshore our book delivery (Estcourt, Natal) and banking facilities (Cape Town) are located in S Africa - book delivery will be faster than most orders placed on publishers in S Africa.

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