Griqua National Anthem

God, eeuwig groot en goed
God, eternally great and good
Wij smeeken U behoed
We beseech thee,save
Ons Vaderland!
Our Fatherland!
Laat Volk en souverein
Let the people and sovereign
In liefd' vebonden zijn
In love be joined
O, zegen groot en klein
O, bless big and small
Met Milde hand
With generous hand

O God, wij loven U!
O God we praise thee!
Vader, wij brengen U
Father, we bringyou
Prijs, eer en dank!
Praise, honour and thanks
U, die al't goede zendt,
You that all good sends
En 't kwade van ons wendt;
And evil from us turns
Zalig is 't volk, dat kent
Blessed is a people that knows
Het blij geklank!
The happy sounding

Gij aller vorsten Heer!
You of all kings Lord!
Uw heil daal' gunstrijk neer
Your salvation descend
Op Troon en Rijk
On Throne and Kingdom
Bij vreed' en veiligheid,
To peace and safety
Voorspoed en vruchtbaarheid
Prosperity and fruitfulness
Voeg by Godzaligheid;
Add Godliness
Zoo koom' uw rijk.
So mayyour kingdom come

Scott asked the elders of the Griqua National Conference, including Paramount Chief Alan le Fleur, if they would sing their beautiful Volksleid (People's song - or anthem) for him.

They agreed and the singing was the highlight of an event specially organised for him on the evening of the 17th October at Kranshoek at which he donated one hundred copies of his book to the Griqua people.

The video link on the right is the result - traditional Griqua words on the left in dark blue.

The words of the Griqua Anthem are shown on the left with the English translation below the traditional version (thanks to Paul Veenboer)

(This is Griqua - a mix of Afrikaans and indigenous languages - see more at this link.)

Griqua Paramount Chief Alan le Fleur (in grey suit) with Cecil le Fleur on his left in dark grey suit

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