Day eleven - Kokstad,
13th October 2007

A late morning enjoying the fresh Kokstad air before going down to the museum to participate in the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Kokstad Museum which started at 10am.

Image right: The article on my book launch that appeared in the Kokstad Advertiser last month.

Milner Snell acted as Master of Ceremonies - with the Priest who has now taken over Rev Dower's work, Pastor Michael Craig, opening the celebration. Sprightly old "Noo" Dorning (80) who started the museum then gave a fascinating insight into those early days and reflected on the importance of keeping history and traditions. Milner then asked me to get up and say a few words... after which I sold several more books to the 50 or so people who attended. There were about  dozen Griqua women dressed in traditional Griqua gear - images below. 

What followed was a fascinating and most enjoyable insight into the Griqua drama and language. Three elderly Griqua women, dressed in traditional gear with kappies, acted out  20 minute play with much hilarity and mirth interspersing the rambling dialogue that was centered around the need for Griqua unity and the superior culture of the Griqua over the coloured.

The museum's open day celebrations closed just after midday and Milner took me to Heather and Don Hogg's home at the Kokstad Girl's Boarding School where I spent the next couple of nights. After a nice lunch we set off for the the old laager at Mount Currie just before a violent thunder storm covered the district. Here we saw some impala and I was able to get a close look of "Godsaker" (God's acre) where the Griqua's who died on Mount Currie in the 1860s were buried).

Image right: Chele and Scott dining in Kokstad

We returned to Kokstad and had a glass of beer with "Pie" Dorning ("Pie" is short for "Sweety Pie" - what her Dad called her).

That evening it was a pleasant dinner at the Spur before retiring early to bed for the long day travelling to Ongeluk's Nek tomorrow.  


The Griqua women

Guests at the celebration

Noo Dorning

Traditional Griqua
clothing (boer)

The Griqua play

and choir

Noo being presented wiith

Griquas with Mr Pienaar and
his son (local leaders)

On the road to

Mount Currie

The old laager in the shadows
of Mount Currie

Impala play on the slopes

The old laager

Scott with the monument

Milner at the old laager

Kokstad Advertiser article

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