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On the way to South Africa - Queensland to W Australia:
28th September
- flight from Brisbane to Perth
29th September - first day in Perth
30th September - second day in Perth
1st October - last day in Perth
2nd October - Perth to Johannesburg

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S African tour

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  1. Launch at Sandton Library, Mandela Square, Johannesburg on 5th October

  2. Launch hosted by the Killie Campbell Library - University of Kwazulu-Natal, Durban on 9th October

  3. Launch hosted by Bookworld in Pietermaritzburg on 10th October

  4. Launch hosted by Kokstad Museum in Kokstad on 12th October

  5. Launch hosted by Willowdale Lodge in Kokstad on 12th October

  6. Launch hosted by the Cory Library - Rhodes University, Grahamstown on 15th October

  7. Book signing at Reddits Bookstore, Grahamstown on 16th October

  8. Launch hosted by the Griqua National Council at Kranshoek (Plettenberg Bay) on 17th October

  9. Launch at Spier Hotel in Cape Town featuring Griqua Roepers (singers) on 19th October 

  10. Launch at Mary Moffat Museum in Griquatown on 22nd October 

  11. Launch in Bloemfontein, 25th October

One of the great revelations of my visit to S Africa was the independence of the media. Reporters and Editors who were being arrested for challenging the integrity of the ANC Government under Thabo Mbeki - they even compared him to Robert Mugabe in newspaper pieces.

The impact on me was even greater as, as an Australian, I have seen what happens when a power hungry media proprietor, Rupert Murdoch, strangles this independence out of the media in what is supposed to be one of the world's "great democracies" - Australia.

Yes South Africa faces enormous challenges but there are a lot of good people who have hung in there and continue to believe and hope that the corruption raging through the halls of power now will slowly be cleaned out.

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