Children of the Mist, the lost tribe of South Africa
as seen on SATV's 50/50

Children of the Mist (cover below) is a 350 page, self published,  book dramatising the amazing history of the Griqua people. The author, Scott Balson, already has several best-selling books under his belt - Children of the Mist can be accurately described as a life work. The book is carried by CNA Bookstores Nationwide in S Africa as well as other good bookstores - seen at this link.

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Griqua Poem recited by Scott Balson at all launches in October 2007

Children of the Mist

Children of the Mist I hear your footsteps in the sand
Across each corner of this wide and empty land.
I see your sorrow, I feel your plight
Of generations past now put to flight.
The curling mist, the gentle touch of rain on my face
could never remove your history from this place.

For Children of the Mist I see your footsteps in the sand
The broken promises were not what your people planned
And now your bones lie scattered across this vast land.
Lost in time, space, spirit, home and generation
But now the mist is clearing and the lost tribe of South Africa
embraces its roots in the new Rainbow nation.

Yes, Children of the Mist, I feel your footsteps in the sand
Hold your head up high come beside me and make a stand.
The dust has settled and your offspring will enjoy the celebration
For the blood that flows through your veins is our very foundation
And look with pride as the sun now shines through
Embracing you into a world where hope reigns anew.

by Scott Balson (Copyright 2007)

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Video of Scott Balson reciting the poem in the Kokstad Museum:

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